Doggie School Bus INC

Make your dog an A+ Student with the perfect amount of exercise and socialization

Whitney Davidson

My only regret is not signing up sooner!! Having Arat pick up my pup has given me so much freedom to do my "job". I have a nearly 2 year old, Neopolitan Mastiff named Arlo. Basically, I have a very, VERY drooly, messy, snuggly, needy, sweet, "thinks he's a lap dog"(no exaggeration)..."horse" living in my house....who's mouth rests at counter height in my kitchen, and who is terrified of car rides!! You can imagine how hard it would be to get him watched!! As a SAHM with three teens, I've been unable to be as productive as I'd like during school hours. Having Arat pick up Arlo twice a week has been the hugest blessing! Not only is Arlo getting more familiar with riding in a vehicle, but he is socializing with other dogs, and is FiNALLY getting some off-leash exercise (without terrifying anyone due to his size)! I'm no longer working around an immovable- stubborn -obstacle while vacuuming, or having to guard the cutting board with my life!!! I can't speak highly enough about this business, or Arat, who has a calm demeanor and is a total dog whisperer! Thank you Arat @doggieschoolbus! You rock!!!