Doggie School Bus INC

Make your dog an A+ Student with the perfect amount of exercise and socialization

Kristina Fitzgerald Wroble

Arat is amazing. He picks up our hyper Vizsla and brings him home exhausted. Arat treats our dog like family and watches him when we are out of town. I highly recommend Arat to anybody looking for great dog care.

Jannel Parmiani

Merlin loves Arat and his school bus! He waits by the front window every morning, and comes home happy every evening. Arat shares vids every day of his students having a blast, and I know my boy is happy and well cared for. Two paws up for Doggie School Bus!

Dennis Salomon

Our sweetheart of a dog, Kona, loves to see Arat and go onto the Doggie School Bus to play. We are very excited to have found Arat and the fact that Kona can't wait to get onto the bus 🚌

Sheryl L Sharkey

Arat came to our home to meet my Bentley... he is a giant of a man with so much heart for his dogs.... I feel completely comfortable entrusting my beautiful boy to him....

Wendi Sinclair

Buddy has the best time staying with Doggie School Bus. I recommend him to anyone needing a day school for their dog or overnight boarding! It's always fun to see the school bus drive up and have your dog get excited!!

Robin Carkner

My dog Loki Love Arat and his doggie school bus! He has such a great time running around with the "pack". He comes home and is a tired and happy dog. It is so nice to have someone who cares so much for my little guy. Arat loves his dogs and sends videos and pictures to show you how the day is going. Don't look anywhere else - Arat is the perfect place to send your loved one.

Shelly Joe

Arat is amazing! I have always had a hard time finding care for our dog. He warmed up to Arat almost immediately and I have never felt so comfortable leaving him with anyone else! I love the daily videos, it's a nice glimpse of the fun and exercise that our pup gets! I highly recommend The Doggie School Bus to everyone!

Whitney Davidson

My only regret is not signing up sooner!! Having Arat pick up my pup has given me so much freedom to do my "job". I have a nearly 2 year old, Neopolitan Mastiff named Arlo. Basically, I have a very, VERY drooly, messy, snuggly, needy, sweet, "thinks he's a lap dog"(no exaggeration)..."horse" living in my house....who's mouth rests at counter height in my kitchen, and who is terrified of car rides!! You can imagine how hard it would be to get him watched!! As a SAHM with three teens, I've been unable to be as productive as I'd like during school hours. Having Arat pick up Arlo twice a week has been the hugest blessing! Not only is Arlo getting more familiar with riding in a vehicle, but he is socializing with other dogs, and is FiNALLY getting some off-leash exercise (without terrifying anyone due to his size)! I'm no longer working around an immovable- stubborn -obstacle while vacuuming, or having to guard the cutting board with my life!!! I can't speak highly enough about this business, or Arat, who has a calm demeanor and is a total dog whisperer! Thank you Arat @doggieschoolbus! You rock!!!

Susan Milstein

Arat and Doggie School Bus are terrific! Our Waffle attends daycare there weekly and we also board him when we leave town. Arat is a dog whisperer and Waffle just loves him! He watches out the window for the bus to pull up and just dances with excitement until we open the door. Absolutely recommend this business!!

Erin Gavin

Arat and his team are the best!! They take care of my fur nieces almost better than their own family does ;-). He also was the only doggie daycare for their previous sibling. Love love love the videos they are amazing and give that little touch of happiness when they are away from home. Thank you Arat for being such and 😇 angel. 10 stars!!!

Customers Reviews

We had a Great Dane, named Henry.  He was a rambunctious, smart, fun loving 235lb pain in the neck that we loved as if he was our child.  We started having Arat frequently take Henry for the day.  He would come back so exhausted that he would fall asleep while eating.  When Henry would hear Arat's car he would get as excited as if we had come home.  Arat and Henry established an amazing connection.  When Henry was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Arat would visit just to brighten Henry's day.  Arat is a good man who is trustworthy and dependable.  As far as we're concerned, he is Portland's Dog Whisperer.

-John & Genie


We have been using Arat for over 4 years, since Tucker was a puppy.  He is extremely dependable and great with dogs! Tucker is always excited to see him and comes home exhausted after a full day of play.  I really appreciate how Arat accommodates my schedule and can often take Tucker without much notice if he has extra room...  Gives me great peace of mind if I am gone all day that my dog is being well cared for and active!  I highly recommend Arat!

-Sally Davey


We have known Arat for about 7 years. Our Sadie girl was very shy around other dogs, but Arat changed that.   She warmed right up to him, as well as the dogs in his pack.   We call Arat the "dog whisperer"!  We were amazed that she would run and jump in the car with all the other dogs without any hesitation on day two.  She always came home a happy girl.  We recommend Arat to all our friends!

- Shaun & Georgia


Arat has been providing daycare for my little Lulubelle since she was a puppy and she's 8 years old now. I am gone 10 hours a day and can't bear the thought of her being alone that much. When Arat shows up at the front door Lulu gets very excited. He picks her up with such care and seems to genuinely love her. She wraps her little paws around his neck and out the door they go. I have total peace of mind when Lulu is with Arat.



I met Arat at a dog park and was so impressed with how he handled his dogs that I asked him for help with my newly rescued puppy.  Since then, he has become a family member to us and takes care of all of our dogs.  He has trained 3 of them and the pack was recently called well adjusted and well behaved!!!  Such a compliment!



Arat is the best! He kept my pit bull babies Peggy Sue and Harvey over the holidays and I never worried a second. Arat is extremely professional and my dogs immediately felt comfortable with him. I wouldn’t trust anyone more, honestly. So happy to have found Arat!



I’ve know Arat for years and am always  impressed with how dogs adore and obey him.  He has watched my dog Mona many times over the past few years and she has become very close to him.   For an afternoon walk or a week long stay, she is always very well taken care of and I feel lucky to have met him!